Busybike flatbed trailer 80_240
Do you wanna transport a cargo bike? That's possible with this big solid bicycle trailer designed by Busybike.

The innersize between the aluminium profiles is 81cm x 241cm.

The trailer is mainly constructed of aluminum and stainless steel parts.
This system is very flexible. With sliding nuts, it's easy to connect for example attachment eyes, boxes or bill boards on the frame.

The price for this basic trailer includes:
- the hitch and bicycle frame connector
- the aluminium systemprofile frame
- 2 x 20 inch wheels, cross spoked or radially spoked
- 2 little wheels to roll and park the trailer at the rear end

By choosing several options you can create your own trailer.

All trailers of Busybike are designed for Euronorm sizes. So crates having a bottom area of 40cm x 60cm fit in the frame.

For more technical and price information look at our webshop: www.busybike-trailers.com

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