Urban Arrow cargo xl
Urban Arrow - cargo XL is an Urban Arrow Cargo with a longer frame.
This bike is equipped with a huge container with sliding doors and slamlocks.
A large cargo bike for various purposes.
This is the ultimate bicycle for transportation for example, cleaning, service technicians, grocery deliveries and courier companies.
This bike (bakfiets) is built for daily professional use.
THe CargoXL is a very complete and easy to ride bicycle with a number of standard options:
- Sturdy stand
- Bosch Performance pedal assistance/400Wh battery OR Bosch Performance CX pedal assistance/500Wh battery
- Adjustable suspension
- discbrakes
- Nuvinci N380 stepless gear

The internal dimensions of the box are: LxWxH: 90cm x 61cm x 86cm
The box is made of aluminum profiles, polypropylene panels and assembled with stainless steel components.

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