Socibike family
The Soci.Bike is a modern tricycle.
This tricycle has an extremely rigid construction which makes its steering very direct.
There is room for 2 children + a maxi-cosi

The box is made of comfortable EPP foam. This feels softer and more comfortable than the wooden boxes

The Soci.Bike's standard equipment:
- an automatic gear of Nuvinci (Nuvinci Harmony)
- hydraulic disc brakes
- a luggage carrier welded on the frame
- Bafang middle motor
- Special wheel guards
- Lighting at front side in tube
- Front door, easy loading and unloading

Options and accessories are:
- rain cover
- maxicosi holder

Dimensions (lxwxh) 212.5 x 80 x 120 cm

Do you like to make a test drive?
There is a Soci.Bike ready to try!

Price incl. VAT
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Socibike maxicosi adapter
The maxi cosi is in a simple way to place in the bracket.

The maxi cosi bracket:
- Is connected on the upper tube of the box.
- Has spring suspension. This ensures a comfortable ride for your child.

Price incl. VAT
€ 185,00
Socibike raincover
A good looking raincover for the Soci.Bike cargobike.

The cover keeps rain and wind out and
is on an easy way to place and open and close.

Price incl. VAT
€ 265,00