Urban Arrow boxcover
A cover for the Urban Arrow family tricycle.

The completed boxcover has a convenient option: The part above the bench can be rolled up and strapped.
This makes the kids on the bench still protected from rain and wind.

Price incl. VAT
€ 99,00
Urban Arrow front seat
An extra seat in the front.
The seat flips up As soon as nobody is sitting on it, so there will be plenty of room for bags to put down.

This bench is delivered with a lap belt.

Price incl. VAT
€ 179,00
Urban Arrow maxicosi adapter
The maxi cosi is in a simple way to place in the bracket.

The maxi cosi bracket:
- Is connected on the upper tube of the box.
- Has sprung suspension. This ensures a comfortable ride for your child.

Price incl. VAT
€ 199,00
Urban Arrow parka
A parka or rain cover for the Urban Arrow Family bicycle.

Is your bicycle often unprotected outside?
Then this is the ideal way to keep the bicycle clean and dry. The parka will be delivered with a matching bag.

Price incl. VAT
€ 159,00
Urban Arrow raincover
A good looking raincover for the Urban Arrow transportbike.

The cover keeps rain and wind out and
is on an easy way to place and open and close.

Price incl. VAT
€ 289,00
Urban Arrow yepp adapter 4pt
NEW! Yepp Adapter with 4-point attachment on the base plate.

Extra seat in the cargo bike?
This adapter is a standard Yepp seat placed backwards into the box.
Children from 9 months can often sit but they hang often a little way on the bench.

The Yepp-seat provides good lateral support. With the 3-point seat belts your child is sitting securely.

The Yepp-seat can be placed on another bike after mounting the feetrests, so is multi-functional.

Prices incl. VAT
Yepp-adapter-4pt € 89,00
Yepp-adapter-4pt + Yepp-mini-child-seat € 139,00