Busybike box ua xl
This XL box for the Urban Arrow Cargo XL bike is available with on one side or two sides sliding doors.
The container is expandable with roof bars and lashing eyes all around.

This cargobikebox is made of aluminum profiles, polypropylene panels and mainly stainless steel components.

This box is completely modular established.
Should be driven accidentally damage, then it's easily to replace a part.
This box is tuned to Euro standard crates 40x60cm soil surface. Crates of this size also fit through the door opening.
The sliding doors are fitted with slamlocks.
The panels of the transport container are specifically designed for stickers. If the company logo or color can be inserted so.

Choices for the locks: cylindrical, square or double-bit key with polyamide key
. Inner dimensions LxWxH: 90cm x 61cm x 86cm
. Outer dimensions LxWxH: 96cm x 67cm x 92cm

The weight of this cargobike-box is: 22.5 kg

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Busybike coolbox ua xl
The coolbox is made specifically for this transport bicycle.
This box is made of light 5cm thick sandwich panels.
The exterior finish is made of aluminum and stainless steel.

The box is made for Euro standard (60x40cm or 30x40cm) crates
It is a passive cooler. Cooling happens with ice packs or dry ice.

Interior dimensions are: 81 x 62 x 55cm
External dimensions are: 91 x 72 x 65cm

Insulation 0.035 W / mK
Box weight: ~ 30kg
max. load: 125kg

Optional, it's possible to install sidebars to prefend damaging of the box.

For more pictures look at: www.facebook.com/busybike
And a video on Youtube

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