Bakfietsnl cargobike cruiser long
Perhaps the most famous Dutch cargo bike.
The Cargobike Cruiser Lung a technical state of the art bike with a classic look.
The Shimano Steps engine supports effortless, the electronic circuit works smoothly.
One switching not want to think about? Then you put it in the automatic gearbox.

This bike has the following standard equipment:
- Couch for two children with high backrest
- 2 x 3-point harness
- Shimano 3 or 8 speed or stepless acceleration Nuvinci
- Shimano Steps mid-engine is an option

accessories o.a:.
- Rain hood
- Maxi-cosi holder (with baby)
- Cushions
- Tarpaulin

There is a demo with Step-mid-engine ready for a test drive!

Prices incl. VAT excl. VAT
3-speed (freewheel) € 1789,00 € 1478,51
8-speed (pedal-brake) € 1879,00 € 1552,89
8-speed (freewheel) € 1939,00 € 1602,48
electric Shimano Step Sram 2 speed automatic € 3299,00 € 2726,45
electric Shimano Step electronic 8-speed € 3649,00 € 3015,70
electric Shimano Step Nuvinci stepless € 3699,00 € 3057,02
Christiania kids
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Prices incl. VAT
Nexus 3 speed € 1699,00
zwart Nexus 8 speed € 1999,00
blauw/rood/green Nexus 8 speed € 2149,00
electric, zwart 7 speed derailleur € 3100,00
Fietsfabriek bakfiets classic
Ideal for modern family transport.
No more swinging with all loaded bags to your handlebars and also watching the children on their bikes.
From now on you ride smoothly and comfortably while everything in the large box for transporting. The Bakfiets Original has a low entry and a low center of gravity making it as stable like a regular bike.
The Bakfiets Original is electrically available.

All models are supplied by Busybike.
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Prices incl. VAT
standard € 1895,00
e-bakfiets € 3495,00
Michelmobil family
A very nice designed handmade bike from Germany.
All parts including the hood are finished to perfection and are of a very high quality.
Michel Mobil Family Bike has a handy storage compartment behind the seat for children.

This bike has the following standard equipment:
- Couch for two children with high backrest
- 2 x 3-point harness
- 2x pillow
- Shimano 7 gears and back pedal
- Extra large drum brakes front
- Tires in black or brown

- Luxury cushions
- Hubdynamo
- Shimano Nexus 8 speed hub
- rain cover, also one for the luggage
- Electric support

Prices incl. VAT
model 2.4 Nexus 7 pedalbrake v.a. € 2765,00
model 2.4 Nexus 8 handbrakes v.a. € 2880,00
model electric Nexus 8 handbrakes v.a. € 4350,00
Nihola family
The Nihola Family is a very popular bicycle for families with children.

The Family cargo bike can carry up to 100 kg in the cabin and there is space for 2 children of up to the age of 7-8 years old on the bench.
As an alternative a carry cot or car seat can be used in the bottom of the cabin and a child or adult can sit on the bench.
The bench can easily be removed without tools.

The cabin, which surrounds and protects the children.
This electric version has a very silent and comfortable middle motor of V-fiets built in by Busybike or you can choose for the Sunstar middlemotor built in by Nihola.

The nihola Family cargo bike has, after testing, been called the best 3-wheeled cargo bike for child transportation by the Danish newspaper Politiken and the Dutch ”Fietsersbond” (Dutch Cyclist Union).

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Prices incl. VAT excl. VAT
8-speed (pedal brake) € 2689,00 € 2222,31
8-speed (freewheel) € 2689,00 € 2222,31
electric 8-speed + rear wheel € 3975,00 € 3285,12
electric 8-speed + middle motor built by Busybike € 4095,00 € 3384,30
Onderwater kindertandem
The Onderwater childtandem, the ideal and welcoming tandem to cycle with children from about 4 to 8 years.
The child can enjoy the view, while the parent is steering.
The child may pedaling (which provides added traction), but can also take a rest while the parent is pedalling, what an experience!

Also in town this is a perfect bicycle; playfully teaching a child to cycle through traffic. No stress for the parent, because they keep control.

Prices incl. VAT
kindertandem Nexus 3 € 1815,00
kindertandem Nexus 7 € 1895,00
kindertandem Nexus 8 € 1975,00
kindertandem Nuvinci € 2195,00
kindertandem XL Nexus 3 € 2350,00
kindertandem XL Nexus 7 € 2395,00
kindertandem XL Nexus 8 € 2460,00
kindertandem XL Nuvinci € 2575,00
kindertandem XL Nuvinci electric € 4075,00
Urban Arrow family
Urban Arrow family is a smart electric transport bike.

This model is specially designed for families with young kids that want a green, affordable and time saving alternative for their city cars.

This transport bicycle is composed out of light, safe and comfortable materials, equipped with a powerful German made electric pedal assist and built with A-branded components.

Do you like to try this Urban Arrow?
There is a bike ready for testing purposes: click here for contact

More information

Prices incl. VAT
with electric pedal assist € 3990,00
with Bosch Performance + hydr. discbrakes € 4290,00
with Bosch Perf. CX + hydr. discbrakes € 4890,00
Workcycles fr8 familie
Want to carry the whole brood without a bakfiets (or a car)?
The Workcycles Fr8 is the bike for you. The Fr8 is outfitted for carrying kids and groceries.

Thanks to an enormously stiff, low instep frame, robust construction, sophisticated geometry and special carriers it does it all with ease.
For familytransport the Fr8 is usually equipped with its a long rear carrier that can fit one or two child seats. Mounts for two sets of footrests are built in so you can even invent your own seat system.
There's plenty of knee room for a front child seat or the Fr8's kiddy saddle behind the handlebars.

Once the kids are riding their own bikes just remove the child seats and you'll have a great city/utility bike.

Prices incl. VAT
3 versn.+ terugtraprem v.a. € 1169,00
3 versn.+ freewheel v.a. € 1219,00
8 versn.+ terugtraprem v.a. € 1379,00
8 versn.+ freewheel v.a. € 1429,00
Nuvinci + freewheel v.a. € 1699,00