Michelmobil family
A very nice designed handmade bike from Germany.
All parts including the hood are finished to perfection and are of a very high quality.
Michel Mobil Family Bike has a handy storage compartment behind the seat for children.

This bike has the following standard equipment:
- Couch for two children with high backrest
- 2 x 3-point harness
- 2x pillow
- Shimano 7 gears and back pedal
- Extra large drum brakes front
- Tires in black or brown

- Luxury cushions
- Hubdynamo
- Shimano Nexus 8 speed hub
- rain cover, also one for the luggage
- Electric support

Prices incl. VAT
model 2.4 Nexus 7 pedalbrake v.a. € 2765,00
model 2.4 Nexus 8 handbrakes v.a. € 2880,00
model electric Nexus 8 handbrakes v.a. € 4350,00